Cana-Datum Moulds Ltd., established in 1986, was created to manufacture precision tools and dies for the non- ferrous metal casting industry. Our specialty is large tooling for magnesium and aluminium components. Being conveniently located near the US-Canada border, we have been able to build a strong customer base throughout North America.

We offer a wide range of products and services in the
rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, production intent tooling,
production tooling, trim dies, engineering and problem 
solving. In order to meet the growing and specific needs 
of the industry, we also design and build tools for sand 
casting, permanent mould, gravity casting, high pressure
die casting and CMM and machining fixtures. In addition, 
Cana-Datum provides a complete range of thixomolding® services
from prototype to production of final net shape thixomolded®

By incorporating the latest technologies in CAD and CAM and numerous 
continuous improvement and research and development initiatives we have
been able to set new benchmarks for the entire industry. Through our lean 
manufacturing and cost reduction initiatives, we have been able to reduce 
delivery time while still maintaining a competitive price structure. Our highest
commitment is to quality and service. Our highly skilled and experienced staff
work together with our customers from design to delivery to provide a quality 


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